Salon Amour Valentine


For Bay Area Single Queer Women


FEBRUARY 14, Sunday, 3 - 10 PM, Oakland
Singles Salon Amour - Valentine Vibes

A celebration of desire, love & true connections for the vibrant and conscious Single Queer Women community in the SF Bay Area and beyond. MINGLE - SPEED DATING - COMEDY DINNER CIRCLES - DANCE LESSON - OPEN DANCING WITH DJ. LUNA - DRINK SERVICES - ART PHOTO

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Date: Valentines Day, Sunday, February 14
Time: 3 - 10 pm
Where: Fellowship/Humanist Garden Hall, 390 27th St, Oakland MAP IT
How Much: $20 - $50 ($20 discount!)
Contact: Roke at 510.681.9740 or roke.noir@gmail.com

How will Valentines Vibes look like?


  • You will come in to a space set up to make you feel comfortable, refreshed, elegant, beautiful and sensuous.
  • You will, very quickly feel at ease and relaxed, through ice breaking laughter in response to Gay Comedy presented by Simone Campbell.
  • You will start your dating in groups of 3, based on your age group preference (we will create 2 groups based on your age preference) by the end of which you will feel authentically connected to all members of your group.
  • You will continue to interact with your group members on an individual basis. If there is time you will also connect with members of the other group.
  • You will fill in a Speed Dating form with your preferences for love and friendship. You will receive your matches in 72 hours.


This part of the evening is all about connections through fun and ease and laughter and good food and drinks and dancing!

  • You will be offered a drink of your choice to start with as you get to be served with a delicious 3 course dinner with smaller groups put together based on commonalities (pet lovers, butch-femme, outdoors & travel, art & cultur, music & dance etc.). Dinner will run from 6 - 7.30 pm.
  • During Dinner there will be entertainment of songs and music.
  • After dinner, you will get a chance to learn some fun line dancing and sizzling Salsa, from Zoe Balfour, one of the same-sex world champions. Zoe has been dancing and teaching dance in USA for the last 12 years and in Cardiff before that. (www.dancingwiththequeers.com & www.tripthelightfantastic.org). Dance Lesson will be from 7.30 - 8.15 pm.
  • You will continue talking, laughing, teasing, flirting and dancing with each other through dancing to a fabulous set of music spun by DJ. Luna, one of bay area's most creative and popular DJ.s who rocks many a club. The Dance will be from 8.15 - 10 pm.
  • You will be able to have intimate times with women you connect with in the garden lounging around the fire place.
  • You will go home loving yourself and hopefully many others, smiling and humming a soft tune, if not with anything/one else!


  • You will go home loving yourself and hopefully many others, smiling and humming a soft tune, if not with anything/one else!
  • No one under 18 years old will be admitted.
  • This event is welcoming of seniors, youth and women with disabilities.
  • 10 work exchange positions available for financially challenged Singles.


On our 4th Salon Amour Speed Dating & Valentine Soiree night we welcome all queer women who are single and single minded to celebrate this 'Singles Awareness Day' and connect with other singles in the Bay Area. We have had over 200 singles attending our last 3 salon and speed dating events. We intend to grow and support a healthy, happy and conscious singles community all through the year with small and large creative, fun and intentional events.


Roke Noir

Originally from India, Roke (Krishnakali) is a certified Life, Career and Business Coach offering group sessions, workshops and privates. She produces unique inspirational events to 'Explore - Experience - Express'. She also offers retreats and travel in India. She is a proponent of love and joyous relationships.

The uniqueness of her work comes from her experience with:
- eastern philosophy and practices
- advocacy, community building
- art, poetry, performance & culture
- Passion for life's magic which inspires and motives others to feel it too
- Personal journey of leaving the corporate world after 15 years to follow her life's purpose

She specializes in helping people transform their intention, passion & vision into the life they live. She works toward sustainable, balanced and realistic results. Roke believes strongly in the indomitable human spirit to overcome challenges and achieve miracles. Her faith lies in the healing power of the community. Her life's purpose is to help people find love, connections and make their dreams come true.

Simone Campbell

Karen Ripley describes her as "Exciting, energetic, and full of life. Simone Campbell has performed all over the Bay Area. Last year she made her New York Debut at the New York Comedy Club, and in March or 2010 will be competing for a spot on NBC's "Last Comic Standing". One of the fastest rising stars in San Francisco's gay comedy scene!

Irina Rivkin

Irina Rivkin combines music and community. She founded the Rose Street House of Music, a house concert & musical community bringing out women’s voices through poetic original music of substance & depth. Her signature "Live-Looping" interactive performances have brought a lot of joy to the Singles communityy in the last 2 Salon Amout events.

Zoe Balfour

Zoe, originally from Wales, has been teaching dance for 19 years in America and Britain. She teaches all kinds of social partner dancing, ballroom & latin. She also enjoys her time as a dance instructor on Olivia Cruise. Zoe runs Trip The Light Fantastic Monday Night classes and Dancing with the Queers Sunday program.

DJ Luna is going to teach some fun social line dances that will get the Singles to dance with half the room. She will also get everyone to dance some sizzling Salsa for days of dancing in the future.

DJ Luna

DJ Luna has been lighting up dance floors since 1997. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA is where she got her start. In 2003,

Luna made her way to the west coast where she has been expanding her fan base ever since.

"Music is what connects me to the Universe. If I can extend that energy through me and out into the crowd on the dance floor, I've accomplished my goal. I like to see people happy." -- LunaDj.

DJ Luna is going to spin a sexy mix of all your favorite tunes including hip hop, top 40, 80's, old school, disco, latin beats, etc.

Starting MARCH 2010

  • Sunday Singles Salon - Work & Play!
    EVERY Sunday 10 - 1 pm at The Beacon!
  • Bay Area Queer Women Match Making Services
    Website coming up!
  • Weekend Singles Explorations! More info coming.

Join Bay Area Single Queer Women facebook group to be notified.

RokeDJ. LunaSimone at Salon Amour Valentine VibesZoe BalfourIrina Rivkin

Be Alive!

Roke, for a world without strangers
510.681.9740 or roke.noir@gmail.com

Please join our Bay Area Single Queer Women facebook group to be part of this growing creativ, conscious and active community. We currently have around 260 members.

2010 will be an year where we are expanding to provide a variety of weekly, monthly events and services for the Single & Queer Women Community! Join us and help us help you by inviting all your Singles friends to join us.


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